Beijing Central Business District

Introduction about Beijing CBD

Beijing CBD was stated in the Urban Master Plan of Beijing Municipality, approved by the State Council in 1993, that Beijing Central Business District would be planned and constructed in the eastern part of Beijing, with a total area of 4 square kilometers.

This area has unique district advantages, perfect infrastructure facilities, rich land resources and vibrant business atmosphere. The total number of the enterprises in CBD is about 3000, with 500 multinational corporations, 570 foreign representative offices, 150 foreign-funded banks, insurance companies and agencies as well as 200 intermediary services. There are more than 3 million square meters of the existing business infrastructure facilities, including China World Trade Center, Motorola Plaza, the kerry Center, Hewlett Packard Plaza, Jianguo Hotel where accommodate hundreds of famous multinational companies and financial agencies, such as Motorola, Hewlett Packard, Ford, Samsung, BNP Parisbas Group, UBS AG. Currently, among 160 of the world's Top 500 enterprises with their operations in Beijing, more than 120 have set up offices in the CBD and its surrounding areas.

The total construction area of Beijing CBD is some 10 million square meters, of which 50% is office buildings, 25% is apartments and the remainder 25% is commercial, service, cultural and entertainment facilities. The multi-functional design will make the CBD full of activity 24 hours a day. At present, 14 projects are under review or construction with a total construction area of 4.36 million square meters and a total investment of 47.6 billion RMB Yuan. Based on successful experience of the international CBDs, Beijing CBD will aim at becoming an ecological, cultural and international CBD.

To accelerate the construction process of Beijing CBD, Beijing Municipal Government decided to establish Beijing CBD Administrative Commission in charge of formulating development plans and related policies, drawing up detailed urban plan of the CBD, reviewing and approving the big construction projects in the CBD.

To construct a first-class international CBD in Beijing, Beijing Municipal Government launched an international public tender for Beijing CBD Planning Schemes in December of 2000 and formed the final urban plans based on the advanced planning idea and designing concepts of the collected schemes. The CBD Commission also entrusted some famous international companies to make individual plans of traffic, municipal infrastructure, information network, environment and landscape. Beijing Municipal Government has approved the Provisional Measures to Accelerate the Construction of Beijing CBD, which covers the policies of planning administration, land development, infrastructure construction, industrial orientation and investment environment.

According to WTO regulations and international practices, the CBD Commission will adjust the government administrative functions and mechanism in social and economic affairs within CBD. We hope to enhance the exchange and cooperation between Beijing CBD and international CBDs, meanwhile provide a business platform for the foreign companies to expand their operations in Beijing and in China.

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