Changshu Southeast Economic Development Zone

Changshu Southeast Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu located at the heart of Yangtze River Delta,and in southeastern Jiangsu Province,Changshu enjoys advantageous location,with Shanghai to its east,boarding Suzhou in the south and Wuxi in the west,and facing Yangtze River in the north,opposited to Nantong.It covers an area of 1264 square kilometers, with a population of 2 million.

Changshu is the major city of Shanghai economic circle,has developed traffic and convient transportation. National Rd and Provincial Rd are criss-crossed within borders. The two longest expressways in China-----Coastal Expressway (called Su-Jia-Hang Expressway in Changshu) and Riverside Expressway meet in Changshu. The first largest span two-pylon cable stayed bridge-----Sutong Bridge has put into operation in May, 2008. The inter-city light rail and Jing-Hu high-speed railway will open soon. Changshu has become an important transportation hub and logistics center bearing south and west in Eastern China.

Changshu with distinct seasons,mild climate and rich products,is a famous land of fish and rice in Yangtze River South. Its annual average temperature is 17 ℃ and annual average rainfall is 1042.6mm.

Changshu is a beautiful garden city, which has pleasant weather and rich products. It is near the mountain and by the river. Changshu has gained the following recognitions: "National Garden City" "National Famous Historical and Cultural City" "National Social Security Maintenance Model City" International Garden City" "Most Competitive City for Foreign Investment in Yangtze River Delta" and other 30 titles.

International Garden City

In 2004 Global Appraisal of "International Garden City"by the United Nations in Nyala of Canada,Changshu won the honorary title "International Garden City" out of 263 global candidate cities. Among 2000 country –level cities in China, Changshu is the unique one gaining this honorable title. Meanwhile, Changshu has won Top 1 in the contest of "Historical Heritage Management" Judges think that Changshu is one of the most suitable living cities.

Most Competitive City for Foreign Investment in Yangtze River Delta

An Appraisal Committee composed of authoritative experts and thirty experienced journalists from Shanghai,Zhejiang Province and Jiangsu Province have evaluated more than 100 cities in Yangtze River Delta in terms of investment environment. With its outstanding economic vigor and rapid development, Changshu had listed in Yangtze River Delta Top 10 Most Competitive Cities for Foreign Investment.

Changshu is a national historical city. It can date back to 5000 years based on culture. At the end of the Shang Dynasty, the son of Emperor Zhou made Zhongyong here who respected as "Monarch Wu". At the "Spring and Autumn Period",Yan is the only one student of Confucius from south, started southeast, respected as "wise man". Changshu is the place which is gathering of talents. From Tang Dynasty to Qing Dynasty,it had 8 Number One Scholar, 9 prime ministers and 483 "Jin Shi". At the area of poetic prose, drawings, writings, the Echo and Chinese Opera, the famous talents came in large numbers. Teacher of Emperor Tongzhi and Emperor Guangxu, the important minister Wen Tonghe are praised highly. At the present history, Changshu has 20 members of Chinese Academy of science and Engineering. The number of professors and scholars from Changshu is top rank among the same level cities.

Changshu has 1.05 million permanent residents and 1 million migrant people. Nine-year compulsory education has been popularized all city round. Over 40% of young people aged from 18 to 22 have received higher education, ranking top at the national country-level. Changshu has more than 10 independent scientific institutions, and 65,000 different kinds of technicians and 400,000 skilled workers. The percent of technical staff with middle-level academic title is 2 times than national standard level. About 4,000 graduates nationwide come to Changshu to work every year.

Now there are two high education institutions in Changshu.

Changshu Institute of Science and Technology: Changshu Institute of Science and Technology is the unique university in county-level cities. It has 15 departments and 41 science majors to educate machinery, electronics talents. To August, 2009, there are 33 majors for undergraduates, 11,000 students are studying at school.

Now Beijing Foreign Studies University has established a subsidiary with Changshu Institute of Science and Technology in CSDZ to cultivate students to speak fluent foreign languages. In addition, it has also established "International Service College of Engineering""College of Automotive Engineering"to educate service outsourcing and Automotive talents, and to promote the construction of "Jiangsu International Service Outsourcing Model Zone", to offer more professional talents for enterprises of auto spare parts in Changshu and CSDZ.

Changshu Vocational Education centre: Changshu Vocational Education centre is located in Changshu Southeast Development Zone. It is a comprehensive vocational training center which costs Changshu municipal government 300 million RMB. Originally, it's combined by 8 training schools. Now it has the largest scale in Jiangsu Province, holding 15,000 trainees and supplying 6,000 skilled technicians and workers every year. It supplies sufficient talents with specialized technical skills to enterprises in Changshu Southeast Economic Development Zone. Now some enterprises in our zone have cooperated with it.

At the same time, South China University of Science and Technology and other famous universities cooperate with Changshu municipal government to supply talents for Changshu. Now some universities have singed contracts with enterprises in the zone. Therefore, HR reserve in Changshu is extremely rich.

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