Hang Zhou East Software Park

Hang Zhou East Software Park was established in May, 2001. The tenet of the park is to cultivate environment for carve out enterprises, promote technical enterprises development and drive area economy advancement. Hang Zhou East Software Park has already become a radiate center which has considerable force of high technology in domestic, by guiding enterprises management, marketing operation, professional service and international way.

Hang Zhou East Software Park was the first high science and technology Park which adopts enterprises operation pattern. ESP successively built Hang Zhou East Software Park Co., Ltd, Hang Zhou East Technology Investment Co., Ltd, Hang Zhou East Software Park science and technology enterprises Hatcher, Hang Zhou East Software Park Manpower Resource Co., Ltd and East Property Management Co., Ltd etc. All the companies are for the sake of park exploitation, investment, management and service. And to combine government policies with enterprises market advance abilities.

Attach most importance to the requirement of customers, to advance and perfect the construction of innovation system. Hang Zhou East Software Park applies itself to hatch and accelerate the development of science and technology enterprises. The Innovation system perfects three service platforms of realty management, science innovation and capital accumulation. Accomplished a stratagem transform from pure realty management to more value development. Hang Zhou East Software Park will try its best to become the best in Zhejiang province, the top-ranking Park of our Nation, well-known in the world and the demonstration Park of science and technology in China.

Park Environment

("Heaven Silicon Valley Ideal place for innovation)

Hang Zhou is a well-known cultural and historical city, an important center in Changjiang River Delta and an important communication pivot in East China. ESP has the reputation of "Heaven Silicon Valley ".

East software park is situated in East China and the center of Hangzhou town, collected massive scientific researches academe, college and university and one batch of powerful high-tech enterprises in the periphery, where was the most dense region including science and technology, the intelligence, the talented person and the information.

East Software Park is the important part of Heaven Silicon Valley. It has powerful government support with a series of competitive preferential policy.

Culture of Environment

(Set up Green Science and technology harmonious homestead)

The core of our enterprises culture is grow with ESP. ESP constructs learning type organization and cultivates professional team in order to create value for our customers.

Colorful activities enrich our park culture, such as East IT Golden Autumn Evening, Man of the time and Photograph competition etc.

Attach importance to international intercommunication cooperation. To blend various international culture become harmonious, open, honest and energy culture of enterprises.

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