Shenyang International Software Park

Shenyang International Software Park ---- Build a demonstration park and base for industrial software development and service

Shenyang International Software Park locates in Hunnan Metro core area, Shenyang. Park adjacent to the ring of city, with a total planned area of nearly 500 million square meters of industrial floor space of nearly 400 million square meters. Airport highway and Metro Line 2 are on east of the park, future administrative, technological, cultural centers and the National Games Village are on west of the park. High-tech development zone gathering 70% high-tech enterprises of Shenyang are on North of the park, South of the park next to Taoxian International Airport and Shenyang High Speed Rail South Station.

Shenyang International Software Park established in 2007. The park has been awarded the first northeast, Shenyang, the only "National High-Tech Innovation Service Center" and "private national science and technology business incubators" (2007), "national animation industrial base" (2007) , "National Advanced Technology Industry Park" (2008), "National 863 Software Incubator Shenyang (Hunnan) base" (2010), 2010 China's industrial software Excellent Industry Environmental Award (China Software Industry Association), the National Torch Plan Software Industry Base (2011), ChinaSourcing2010 Annual Software & Information Service Outsourcing in China, "the best investment environment" Award (2011) and other honors.

Currently, enterprises in the park covers software R&D, software and IT service outsourcing, data process. The businesses running within industries as: industry, transportation, energy, telecommunication, electricity, social security, finance, medical, and animation. Contracts are from America, Canada, Singapore, Japan, and Korea, and also domestic contract from Beijing, Shenzhen. There are over hundred enterprises in the park now. There are 12 Fortune 500 companies, 5 TOP100 software companies in China, 16 companies on list. Such as: EMC, Bombardier R&D Center, LG CNS, O-RID, MICROAD, Shenyang airline R&D center, Kingdee software, EVOC Intelligent Tech., Donghua software, Nandasoft, 4D digital and so on.

Goal of Shenyang International Software Park is to build a leading, world-class large-scale open software park. The features of the park are industrial software R&D, service on development. Mission of the park is build to be the leading in Northeast region in 3 years, leading in country wide in 5 years in area of software Demonstration Park.

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