Zhong-guan-cun(ZGC) Life Science Park

Zhong-guan-cun(ZGC) Life Science Park is a professional science park developed by the Beijing Municipal Government. It is an important part of ZGC Science and Technology Park system, and is developed according to the Written Approval from the State Council to accelerate the development of the ZGC Science and Technology Park, to launch the Beijing "248" Technology Innovation Project, and to develop the knowledge-based economy in the capital area.

Being authorized by the Beijing Municipal Government, ZGC Life Science Park Development Co.,Ltd. is responsible for the work of primary land development and business promotion. Aiming to build a national innovation base for life sciences, new medicines, and advanced pharmaceuticals, ZGC Life Science Park is closely tied with major national developmental projects in the life sciences field and will strictly follow the life sciences orientation of the government and the State Council.

ZGC Life Science Park aims at building an international-level first class science and technology park and will be developed into an international high-tech park that integrates the R&D of life sciences, enterprise nurturing, mid-test and production, result appraisal, bio-technology project issuance, venture capital, international exchange and personnel training.

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