Thousand-Hundred-Ten Project
  • Objective during "11th Five Years Plan" :
  • Build 10 service outsourcing base cities which have certain competitive strength
  • Promote the transfer of service outsourcing business of 100 world-famous multinational companies to China
  • Establish 1000 large/middle scale service outsourcing enterprises with international qualities

  • Focus areas:
  • Supporting the service outsourcing enterprises to become bigger & stronger;
  • Implementing personnel training program;
  • Construction on outsourcing base city on a big scale;
  • Improve the intellectual property protection system of service outsourcing industry

  • The approved service outsourcing base cities:
  • Dalian、Shanghai、Xi'an、Chengdu ,Shenzhen,beijing, tianjin, jinan,wuhan,nanjing,hangzhou

  • The "service outsourcing business" is the information technology outsourcing (ITO) and the business process outsourcing (BPO) services. Including business reformation outsourcing, commercial application process outsourcing such as application management & application services, fundamental technology outsourcing (IT, development & design of software, technology development, fundamental technology platform integration & management integration) and so on.
  • "Thousand-Hundred-Ten Projects" will try to train 300-400 thousand personnel needed by the service outsourcing industry in 5 years. Employ 200-300 thousand college students and solve the problem of shortage of personnel in service outsourcing industry.

China Development Bank cooperates with the Ministry of Commerce to provide policy-based loan to qualified service outsourcing.

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