Lanxum Technology Co., Ltd

As the leading Chinese Office Information System service provider, Lanxum provides Office Information System Management Outsourcing Service to enterprise level customers (large enterprise, government, etc), which includes Document Management Outsourcing Service and Video-conference Management Services, to help customers save cost, improve management efficiency, enhance information security, protect the environment and healthy of employee.

Now, Lanxum converts the traditional business model—device selling with simple service, into new business model—optimization, professional outsourcing, and long-term service. It’s also good for customers to strength the information safety and save the social sources.

Document Management Outsourcing Service—Lanxum will provide the professional and integrated solutions, afford or adjust the devices and set the document management software for customers according to the requests of theirs. During the contract period(3 or 5 years), Lanxum will take charge of all the device operating, consumable suppliers maintenance and repair, along with system upgrade; the customer convert all expense to the simple “Cost per Copy (CPC)”, without any separate payment like consumables or maintenance.

Through Document Management Outsourcing Service, Lanxum could help customers to save cost of the document output and management by 15%~25% with many benefits such as the improvement of management efficiency, the saving of human resource expense and so on mentioned as before. In a word, it is a all-win business model.

Video-conference solution business, an important component of Lanxum Office Information System service, is also enterprise level customers-oriented. It help enterprise level customers to save cost (e.g.,travel expense), improve efficiency (e.g. save their traveling time and improve communication efficiency), protect the environment (e.g., save energy and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions), and then protect employees healthy (save their traveling).

In 2008, Lanxum ranked No.1 of China local provider in Chinese Office Information System solution and service market .(CCID 2009).

By means of advanced business model, high potentialities and continuous innovation ability, Lanxum got listed on GEM with other nine enterprises as the first batch in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in October,2009.

The Document Management Outsourcing Service of Lanxum has ranked the Self-renovation Product Directory in Beijing, and also was identified the Hi-Tech Enterprises Certification by Beijing Government as well as achieved the Certificate of State Security Bureau.

In recent years, Lanxum won lots of awards, including the 2008 annual China Information Industry Award for Outstanding Contribution to Green Office presented by China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute, the 2008 Best Business Model presented by 21 Century Business Review, as well as the Best 50 Companies 2008 presented by China .Outsourcing Association. Moreover, Lanxum passed certificates of ISO9001 Quality Management System Authentication and ISO14001 Environmental Management System Authentication soon.


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