ChinaSoft International Limited

ChinaSoft International Limited, "CSI" (354.HK), is a global Information technology service company rooted in China with end to end service capability. The major verticals we cover are: Government and Manufacturing, Finance and Banking, Telecommunications and High-Tech. The Services we offer include: IT consulting, IT technical service solution and IT outsourcing service.

CSI has reached annual revenue about 1.5 billion RMB with more than 10,000 employees located worldwide, including 25 cities in China, Princeton, NJ and Seattle, WA in the US, as well as Tokyo in Japan and London in England. CSI has achieved 57% service revenue CARG in the past eight years.

The business fields of Information strategic consultation service include strategic transformation consultancy, supply chain management model consultancy, informatization planning consultancy , manufacture management consultancy, marketing management consultancy , accounting management consultancy and etc.

The business fields of IT solution mainly include tobacco, auditing, enterprise supervision & internal control, finance, civil aviation, drug supervision, quality supervision, meteorology, environment protection, social security, state owned enterprise administration, foreign currency administration, agriculture, banking, railway transportation, ticketing, telecom, third party payment and etc.

The business fields of IT outsourcing service mainly include fundamental structure management service, production engineered service, enterprise software package implement service, application development and maintenance outsourcing service, data process, engineering process outsourcing, call center and etc.

The company has been developing a self intellectual property SOA middle ware platform product in the last ten years called ResourceOne and there were four major versions have been upgraded, the product is now capable for cloud computing and ready to support internet of things, it is the application fundamental support platform for the company's solution business. CSI has established an IT practical training base system (ETC, Excellency Training Center) across China, the system provides human resource oriented training service to support the primary business operation for the company.

The core corporate values for ChinaSoft International are Creating, Sharing and Growing. Creating is the origin of our career, and the ultimate goal of creating is to create social values. Sharing can be interpreted as journey of our career; the company is a boundless stage, we share the joy of success, the journey of life and the experience of serving clients on the stage together. Growing together is the final result of our career, is the outcome of the ultimate experience for one's life, to grow together with colleagues and teams, to grow together with the company and the partners, we sincerely hope that we have imprinted such images, expert, professional, reasonable and excellent partner into the hearts of our clients.

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