Uniquely positioned to be your partner of choice for China-based technology services

Established in 2001, iSoftStone is a leading China-based provider of outsourced technology services, including consulting & solutions, IT services and business process outsourcing services. Our flexible delivery capability allows us to serve clients on-site, nearby or remotely - or more frequently a mix of all three.

We deliver daily for clients with our integrated platform of China-based delivery centers, which enables us to execute projects seamlessly, in both a high quality and cost effective fashion. This approach enables us to provide our clients with a consultative front-end service offering, coupled with secure and scalable high quality and low-cost offshore delivery of work to support their mission critical operations and business growth strategies. Our clients are able to leverage the support our industry receives from China's national and local governments such that they benefit from a full-range of incentives, effectively packaged into our day-to-day delivery.

iSoftStone prides itself on our ability to partner with clients, to deeply understand their industry dynamics and business challenges, in order to satisfy immediate needs while also anticipating long-term follow-on requirements. Our 9000+ employees serve clients principally in industries including technology; communications; banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI); and energy, transportation and public sector (ETP). With our globally-experienced and educated management team, and a culture devoted to the training, development and retention of human capital, iSoftStone is best-positioned to be the long-term strategic partner for your China-based technology services needs.

Mission, Vision & Value Proposition

iSoftStone's mission is to be the leading provider of technology services from China to clients domestically and globally.

Our vision is to attain this leading position by leveraging our unique position in China's dynamic technology services ecosystem, which has evolved very differently from India's old offshore-centric outsourcing model, and requires core domestic China expertise, together with world-class standards and experience.

Success as a customer of China technology services requires one to leverage a partner who can provide traditional on-site consulting and remote delivery, as well as domestic support of China-based operations. This requires China-based providers like iSoftStone to have professionals experienced in serving domestic and global MNC clients, and established capabilities for serving clients in both domestic and international markets. In addition, knowledge of relevant industries and technology - both globally and domestically - is critical to being a long-term value-added partner. In many cases, global clients exploring China as an outsourcing destination have had extensive prior experience outsourcing to providers in India and are in need of alternatives. iSoftStone maintains the optimal combination of world-class platforms and processes, coupled with local market expertise and human capital management. Accordingly, iSoftStone has built a platform that enables us to support our most demanding clients as their long-term needs for China-based services evolve. As a company with its roots in China, we leverage all the benefits China has to offer and deliver services to our clients each day in a highly competitive fashion.

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