Devott Insights: College Students Who Want to Start Business in Service Outsourcing Industry Need Opportunities and More Resources
Source: View: 297 Date: 2015-06-12

The implementation value of China’s service outsourcing industry undertaken from aboard outsourcing businesses has increased from 4.69 billion USD in 2008 to 55.92 billion USD in 2014; the international market share has increased from 7.7% to near 30%. China has become the second large outsourcing provider country; the development potential of service outsourcing industry in China is still great. And the service outsourcing industry in China has obvious function in promoting employment and expandation, especially in attracting college students’ employment and promoting indirect employment with strong power. The research data provided by Devott shows that there were total 3.373 million college students cumulatively absorbed by service outsourcing industry as employee from 2009-2014, which accounting for 8.42% of total number of graduation in past 6 years. Service outsourcing industry has become an important area for college students’ employment.

Service outsourcing industry as light-asset industry of “brain + computer” is an industry with intelligence intensive production as the main area, and has low threshold of entrepreneurship. If have “brain” and “technology”, everyone should find a successful entrepreneurship path. For entrepreneurs such as college students, they have inherent advantages of convenient access; can rapidly gather a lot of young people who have same interests and goals; store and train a lot of technology talents. Therefore, service outsourcing industry is a suitable area for their entrepreneurships. However the development experiences of China’s service outsourcing industry tell us that service outsourcing industry is an area based on outsourcing market and professional people, early period of entrepreneurship not only needs production element - talent, but also needs original power of industry - market and orders and even needs capital and cash flow that can ensure companies daily operation and cash flow. Therefore, how do college students start business when lacking of capital, social experiences, contacts and good projects? In my own opinion, service outsourcing is an entrepreneurship area that more needs to grasp opportunity and to choose right direction. It is difficult for college students to start business independently and successfully in early period. They should find correct position of “specialization & new” to show features and advantages of entrepreneurship enterprises; meanwhile it is also important for them to choose suitable entrepreneurship environment, especially that can provide enterprise development guidance & intelligent support, development capital support & development space of resources matching for entrepreneurs. Those can make up defects from intelligence & capital and resources of entrepreneurship enterprises in early entrepreneurship period; meanwhile professional entrepreneurship tutors and experienced entrepreneurship groups also are key elements to ensure entrepreneurship enterprises reach success easier. In a word, it is difficult for college students to start business independently; only “group development” and to seek professional support can make a successful entrepreneurship path in service outsourcing industry.

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