Devott Insights: E-commerce Competition Gradually Goes Deep into the Whole Supply Chain and even the Ecosystem
Source: View: 200 Date: 2015-06-16

E-commerce in China is transforming from the basic cultivation stage that is born from industrial elements to upgrading development stage in which each element coordinated interacting to construct a universal ecosystem. It will reach 5 core transformations and development trend within 5 years in future. First of all is to transform from endogenous development with cultivating industrial elements to denotative development with coordinated interaction of each element and ecosystem construction. The second transformation is from policy guidance type lead by government to market-oriented type. The third transformation is from self-development with free growth as the core to integrated development with investment & financing as the core. The fourth transformation is from single products sales to integrate all industrial chains of purchase, production, storage and sales, etc. breaking through experiences online and offline, to construct e-commerce in whole industry chain with closed loop. The fifth is that more and more e-commerce platforms appear in segment areas of market according to fragmentized demands of users. E-commerce platforms in segment of market also need precise positioning products, professional & featured services to construct their own brand image. Therefore, there are more opportunities waiting to explore in those areas. Traditional e-commerce based on information flow to connect supply and demand has entered into the end. And a new e-commerce age emphasis demand as the center and information flow as the core to organize people, logistics, and capital flow is coming.

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