Devott Insights: Ubiquitous Servitization & Ubiquitous IT Promotes the Coming of Ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence Era
Source: View: 228 Date: 2015-06-15

The intersection of the third industry revolution and new technology revolution has broken the original boundary and area of traditional industries. Information technology is no longer an isolated industry; it has been occupied the top of the whole industry chain with an unprecedented gesture and become universal technology platform for all industries and the first driven power for new era. It also produces huge power that can change the processing of economy and society. Therefore, we call this change and trend as “Ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence”. From agriculture, manufacturing to the industrial pattern & game rules will be pushed over and rebuilt with users’ demands and experiences as the core, we called this trend as “Ubiquitous Servitization”.

In the development & revolution from whole industry crossover and integration withUbiquitous IT and Ubiquitous Servitization as the key characteristics and trend, the whole industry has being transforming from the Era of ICT to the Era of ICD. All technologies and services will be followed intelligent theory; and all industries will be marked with intelligence. No matter you admit or not, we are at the threshold of Intelligence Era that is another development wave after the third science & technology revolution. The next 10-year will be the golden age of the development for intelligent industry.

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