Devott Insights: Brand Rationally Constructs E-commerce & E-commerce Speeds up Branding
Source: View: 294 Date: 2015-06-16

E-commerce industry has realized the importance of “brand transforms into e-commerce & branding of e-commerce” during the period of the “12th Five-Year-Plan”. Brands can utilize their advantages in brand influence, storage and supply chain to accomplish e-commerce; meanwhile e-commerce brands also can play their functions of internet marketing and closing relationship with users to enter into real market. However in actual processing of development, we find that many brands are facing strict challenges of revenue modes after touching internet. Especially most small and middle enterprises are also facing heavy press from capital. All of them are seeking way to transform. On the contrary, e-commerce enterprises always advocate via internet and enjoy price war those still are short-sighted for e-commerce branding. The e-commerce industry in China will enter into high-value stage during the period of 13th five-year. In order to promote transformation of traditional industries, each place still will encourage companies to touch internet; however enterprises will keep a more rational attitude to do e-commerce. And the business mode, business layout, investment & financing ways of enterprises after being e-commerce will be continuously explored and innovated. The defects of internet brands will be gradually obvious; therefore e-commerce enterprises must return the business origin and construct brands. Who has dual gene from e-commerce and traditional brand will be the winner in future.

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