Devott Insights: The Acceleration of Internet Penetration Rate Will Shape the Growth of China's Economy in the Future
Source: View: 279 Date: 2015-06-15

BCG, the famous consulting institution in USA predicts that the scale of global internet economy will be 42000 USD in 2016 and the internet users will beyond 3 billion people. Network economy in developed countries will increase 8% each year in next 4 years; and the increasing rate for developing countries will beyond 16%. Up to the end of 2013, the number of internet users in China has broken 600 million nearly accounting for 50% of total population. The scale of network economy also broke 600 billion RMB. Internet will help China to increase GDP growth rate of 0.3%-1.0% during the period of 2013-2025. That means internet may produce 7%-20% of total GDP increasing rate for China in more than 10 years. Up to the end of 2025, that equals to total GDP of 4 trillion – 14 trillion RMB per year.

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