Devott Insights: The General Process for Multinational Enterprises in Site Selection & Investment in China
Source: View: 292 Date: 2015-06-19


The general processes for multinational enterprises in site selection & investment in China are mainly divided into three stages: confirmation of strategy and goal, research and evaluation on the place to be invested, commercial negotiation and comprehensive assessment and argument.

"To ensure strategy and goal” is leading stage. The main mission in this stage is to make optional city list for investment location within premise condition. In the stage of “to research and evaluate investment place”, multinational enterprises will comprehensively gather information, practical visit and research for list and then give comprehensive assessment and score, finally make a shortlist of optional cities and parks. In the stage of “commercial negotiation and comprehensive assessment & argument” those enterprises will do several rounds of assessment & arguments for optional solutions cautiously; meanwhile negotiate and communicate with local government for located address, tax policy, environment protection and etc.

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