Devott Insights: How to Build Entrepreneurship Ecosystem for Intelligent Industrial Development?
Source: View: 230 Date: 2015-10-22

With revolution of new kind of technologies, intelligent products have become more and more popular in market. Intelligent hardware not only comes from creativity and inspiration, also has become new trend of transformation of traditional products. It has become the development consensus to build intelligent hardware gathering area that the biggest difference from traditional industry gathering area is entrepreneurship and innovation atmosphere in this region. This region needs each “activist” with inspiration.

New kind of entrepreneurship incubators includes, Wanzhong Entrepreneurship, Dark House Club and Feimalv. Entrepreneurship incubator is the most direct group to collect resources that can accomplish effectively docking and using of resources entrepreneurship need; it also provides professional supports in some aspects including industrial communication, project promotion, product exhibition, training guidance, consultant and research and providing places, which provides huge supports for forming entrepreneurship atmosphere and hatching entrepreneurship enterprises.

Financing institutions like Lengendstar, Sequoia Capital, Qiming VC, and SBCVC. Financing is a support enterprise most eager to achieve at the initial stage of entrepreneurship; financing institution is also the core to construct multi-level entrepreneurship finance system in China. VC gathering area is a place where most entrepreneurs want to go that can greatly attract attentions of entrepreneurship projects in China and has irreplaceable function for promoting street and district to be paradise for entrepreneurs.

Science & Technology media includes,,, and The promotion of projects and products is main difficult challenge of marketing, especially in current internet era; network marketing has become key way of promotion. As main force of network promotion, science and technology media is main way for market to connect entrepreneurship and intelligent products. Therefore, to actively introduce or cooperate with science & technology media is benefit for propaganda in street and district and brand introducing, and more benefit for helping enterprises in street and district to achieve attention and enter into market.

Service institutions include crowd-funding institution, employment institution and training institution. Current entrepreneurship wave is more fierce and surge than ever before, then traditional hatching providing help for enterprises can’t meet the demands of entrepreneurship projects. Each kind of problem constantly appears that urgently needs relevantly professional institutions to help entrepreneurs to solve problems. And having perfect entrepreneurship service gathering area is a key to attract enterprises to locate in this region.

Entrepreneurship and Intelligent Hardware Enterprise are core competitiveness in street and district. For example, investment objects of intelligent hardware industry should include entrepreneurship team, internet company, traditional merchants (upgrading and R & D department) and cross-over enterprises. According to enterprises coming from different perfect investment system and service system of street and district, should better construct and build famous entrepreneurship gathering area in China.

Currently, under help from each kind of support policy, entrepreneurship cost has been greatly reduced; entrepreneurship environment also gradually has been perfect; therefore, entrepreneurs more hope to pay attention on environment of products. Thus, it shall regularly launch technological training, lecture; organize investment activities and project road-shows based on big environment and even more details of services of intelligent hardware products. It will make main intelligent projects in intelligent hardware gathering area more active.

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