Devott Insights: The Third Generation Service Outsourcing Industrial Park Transforms to be Internet of Things, Internet and Intelligent
Source: View: 286 Date: 2015-11-12

With service outsourcing industry entering into the 3.0 era, the development of service outsourcing industrial park is also subverting traditional development models and pathway; the 3rd generation service outsourcing industrial park – intelligent service industrial park is been bearing. Devott believes that who can grasp intelligent, standardized, internet, new international and innovation driving development opportunities then can accomplish corner overtaking and be winner.

The means of intelligent service industrial park is a demonstration park of new generation industrial part transforming to be internet of things, internet and intelligent, concentrated on intelligent service industry—the upgrading form of service outsourcing industry via emerging technologies and means such as cloud computing, internet of things and internet to build intelligent and information physical carrier and management platform; to provide landing services and mature industrial environment for enterprises, institutions and employees land in the park via each industrial element such as information, talent, technology, capital and policy gathered on the platform. Intelligent service industrial park shows four new features:

New Element: the physical performance of service outsourcing industrial park is comprehensive “industry community” integrating with work, business, life, entertainment and exercises; the main elements gathered in the past are land, carrier, talent, tax and other physical elements. The new industrial elements gathered by intelligent service outsourcing industrial park take internet, cloud computing, internet of things and other technologies as carrier and ways, concentrating on core “virtual” elements such as technology, information, capital, resources and market; they show innovative & scientific and technological & intelligent features of intelligent service outsourcing industrial park.

New Platform: the performance of traditional platform in service outsourcing industrial park is website or organization that is core way for industrial park to promote and propaganda. The new platform with the aim of gathering industrial new elements, integrating intelligent service capacities in the park, will break traditional development modes; accomplish platform and virtualization development of capital, technology, market, information, carrier, and talent and other resources and elements of service outsourcing industry. The basic performances are de boundary and decentralization, virtual platform with multi-level and international features.

New Environment: the normal environment performances of service outsourcing industrial park are office, commerce and life sets of equipment that are software and hardware infrastructures directly felt by enterprises and employees in the park. The features of new environment in intelligent service outsourcing industrial park are professionalization and intelligence that provide professional services in each layer from top design, planning and construction, propaganda and promotion, talent introduction, talent training, brand promotion to introducing and investment, and also have intelligent environments including intelligent office, intelligent building and intelligent platform.

New Industry: core industries of traditional service outsourcing industrial park are service outsourcing offshore and onshore outsourcing industries focusing on ITO/BPO/KPO. New industry is cross-over, cross-area intelligent service industry with carriers, channels and equipment of cloud computing, internet of things, internet, telecommunication equipment and intelligent terminals, driven by data information, and also is enterprise service outsourcing industry based on “cloud & management & end & utilization” whole industrial chain.

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