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TOP Global Outsourcing Destinations – China TOP 15 (TGOD China TOP 15)
There is no doubt about China's position among the forefront of IT-BPM services destinations. The country, in many ways, has already entrenched itself within the global outsourcing landscape and made its mark as both a competitive supplier and a lucrative market for services. Its impressive performance exemplified through the years has already portrayed the image of a strong economy. However, the need for the country to continually make itself visible and deepen its mark in the outsourcing industry remains...
TOP50 Service Outsourcing Players in China
Devott is an international consulting company focuses on service outsourcing industry, collects research, portals and service together. Devott founded in October 2006, co-founded by several outsourcing, consulting, marketing and industry experts. Devott headquarters in TEDA, sets 8 offices and 35 partner agencies in Shanghai, Australia, North America and Europe.
TOP20 Service Outsourcing MNCs in China
In post-crisis era, service outsourcing industry grows rapidly, and becomes an important vendor country. More and more overseas service outsourcing enterprises see China's good potential opportunities. Those MNCs establish branches in China, extending businesses in China. They also offer their great efforts to the industry development in China.
TOP20 BPO Players in China
Devott release "TOP20 BPO Players in China White Paper" at the first time in 2010. The list and White Paper represent the best practices enterprises and the best enterprises in certain sectors of the industry.Devott selects and evaluates enterprises from service outsourcing BPO enterprises pool in China strictly. The selection and evaluation are highly and strictly follows the audit standards and evaluation procedures.
Yearly Ten Events of Service Outsourcing Industry in China, 2010
Review the year 2010, China‟s service outsourcing industry made great achievements at the end of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan. The number of service outsourcing firms in China is over 10,000; the people who are in the industry are over 2 million. The total amount of offshore service outsourcing business would reach USD 15 billion in 2010. While other industry key indicators all kept a high growth speed of around 200%.
Service on Cloud
"Cloud-powered Outsourcing" opens the 3.0 Era of service outsourcing. In this era, strategy collaboration between consumers and outsourcing enterprises will achieve through scale and standardized process. This era will achieve flexibility of customer-centric boundaries, intensive production, flexible service and seamless connection. This era is integrated services base on "Cloud-powered Outsourcing".
TOP 10 Service Outsourcing Parks in China, 2010 White Paper
According to enlarge and development of China’s service outsourcing industry, competition between Parks’ construction and operation is getting serious. More and more enterprises consider overall capabilities and operating characteristics. In 2008, Devott launched the first TOP10 selection, and get two years experiences. Base on the last two years experiences, Devott completes and integrates evaluating system. This year, Devott uses “Pyramid Model” firstly, evaluates parks fully viewed and wide ranged.
TOP 10 City Investment Attractiveness Selection
“The Investment Attractiveness Assessment of Chinese Service Outsourcing Cities” is the only professional evaluation activity aiming at all Chinese service outsourcing cities of this industry. It fills the blank of the industry research and makes up the relationship and interaction between cities and outsourcing industry.
The White Paper on 2011 China E-Commerce Outsourcing Industry
On August 31, 2011, Devott officially released its latest research result --- “The White Paper on China E-Commerce Outsourcing Industry 2011”. The White Book is written by Deputy Direct Sha Qi from Devott Research Institute, along with the consultant Li Yaling, Chen Juan and Wang Yanfen after one-year research. Meanwhile, the topic will be published on Chinasourcing Website ( ) in order to share the latest research result with industrial colleagues.
Devott Publications
The Selection of the TOP Global Outsourcing Destinations – China TOP 15 (TGOD China TOP 15) Ended and Its Rankings and Research Reports are Now Available Worldwide