Has the outsourcing industry collectively conspired to strip its value?
Source: The Outsource Blog View: 530 Date: 2012-04-17

Robert Morgan, director at sourcing consultancy Burnt-Oak Partners says. It is “too easy to blame the economic recession” for the current lull in outsourcing activity.

Read his full comment here: “Outsourcing has become synonymous with cheap service rather than Business enablement via using third party assets and know-how. It is a huge subject and the below simplifies things possibly too much, but the points below will offer insight as to the root causes of a lack a deal activity.

Blame sits with three entities:

1-Clients who have handed outsourcing service responsibility to junior management and procurement departments who push for lower pricing, plug and play service agreements, short contracts and high overhead multi-sourcing. Management then fail to provide training and governance for the hapless Service Relationship Management (SRM) team;

2-Intermediaries who have prolonged procurement cycles to maximise revenues to the point where doing global deals takes 18 months, or fixating on multi-sourcing which again is to maximise earnings. They carry zero responsibility or skin in the game after completing the assignment. Measurement of success still lives in techno-babble and not business related measures. Resurgent procurement departments where external advice is shunned or un-budgeted for, merely add to the downgrading of workable contracts, insight, risk mitigation and supplier accountability.

3-Service providers whose executive is technically and not business orientated and who fail to understand how to raise outsourcing importance up to client executive level. Suppliers employ technologists to sell services to technologists, rather than business enablement via technology. The Executive command the headlong rush to automate and virtualize everything via cloud etc. This is in turn makes everything transportable – real plug and play – denying the value of relationship and loyalty. Salesmen are overpaid and totally self-centred around how to maximise the commission payable not the best client solution. These days outsource service providers do not want your staff or assets thereby defeating a large-part of the Business Case to externalize.

Add all these aspects together and we collectively have conspired to strip outsourcing of its value and pivotal importance as a strategic tool for the benefit of the business. Hence times are very quiet in outsourcing.

However before you lose all hope; Burnt Oak believes that new shared equity models with real mutual commitment to risk sharing, investment rules, and common directorships for client and supplier, etc offer a real opportunity to reinvent enablement of Business through outsourcing.”

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