Western Enterprises Can Overcome Economic Depression Through Outsourcing
Source: Devott Service View: 1706 Date: 2012-04-28

Outsourcing has become one of the most popular words in global economic development. There are many factors that led to this phenomenon. For example, the geographical advantages, high professional quality of employees, the employees have a good quality of conscientiousness and diligence. As we all know, the operating costs of outsourcing business receiving countries are much lower than that in the Western countries. With above mentioned factors, outsourcing is really a useful approach in the business operations for enterprises. Outsourcing business to China and other low-cost countries is definitely a good choice.

Currently, the world economic situation is indeed cause for concern. Many enterprises filed for bankruptcy because of the impact of economic depression. Nevertheless, there are still many enterprises doing well. The latter spent a lot of effort to remain competitive. In order to hold the competitive advantages, they are cutting down their costs, at the same time, operating at full steam to run their business. The reason why they can operate well is the use of outsourcing during global economy depression. These enterprises are outsourcing their non-core business to outsourcing business receiving countries such as China where not only the costs of operations are very low but also quality is equivalent to international standards.

Although Western governments and staffs want to protect local jobs, nevertheless, enterprises need to outsource their business to preserve their competitive. Because their large scale of business, moreover, the increasing costs of operations, for the above reasons led to their business is becoming more and more difficult to maintain. Consequently, outsourcing to countries like China is the best selection. Because there are a lot of skilled and professional manpower in China, the services they provide with excellent quality and reasonable price. Affected by economic depression, enterprises use outsourcing, because it is one of the most viable approaches to maintain competitiveness at present.

The enterprises are mainly focused on cutting operation costs. Although the government will take more action to protect the local jobs, howbeit, enterprises will keep on outsourcing to save costs and hold competitive edge.

We believe that there is a possible way to benefit both sides. The non-core business of enterprises can be further classified, therefore, enterprises can let local staffs to process a part of it and the other part can be outsourced to countries like China.

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