Best Call Center Parks and Companies of Service Outsourcing Industry in China

1. About

“Best Call Center Parks and Companies of Service Outsourcing Industry in China” is proposed under a circumstance where homogeneous competition is fierce, RMB appreciates, cost rises, the service outsourcing industry lacks industrial standards model enterprises. Jointly launched by Devott and and starting in 2011, the selection is the first and the only assessment in the world for Chinese call center parks and enterprises in the service outsourcing industry, filling a gap in service outsourcing research. Based on the Pyramid Model for Park Competitiveness Evaluation and CC-CFFM, Devott cooperates with to gather information and materials concerning call center parks and Companies and fully analyze in order to demonstrate their developing statues and integral level in an objective and in-depth way, to know their characteristics, to assess comprehensive competences of participating enterprises and centers, to deliver corresponding proposals and suggestions from Devott’s unique developing perspectives. Providing developing path for localizing and having more Chinese characteristics, those proposals and suggestions will act as references for investment and development to boost the whole call center service outsourcing industry in China.

2. Evaluation Criteria

Pyramid Model for Park Competitiveness Evaluation

The essential factor to measure the competitiveness of a service outsourcing park is the capability to facilitate local service outsourcing industry, which originated from inherent endowment, industrial policies and status. The company service and investment attractiveness indicate the improvement of the industry. In another word, the industrial development is the fundamental indicator of the core competitiveness of outsourcing parks.

Endowment competitiveness:refers to the macro environment of a city that an outsourcing park located in, which includes regional competitiveness, urban competitiveness and infrastructure competitiveness.

Environment competitiveness: refers to essential factors that impacts greatly on the industry aiming at industrial features and requirements, which including talent, cost, market, park's environment.

Political competitiveness contains 2 aspects: The competitiveness of absolute value, and competitiveness of comparative value.

• Service competitiveness:refers to the capabilities of enterprise cultivation, of which the competitiveness includes cultivation, R&D and service.

Investment competitiveness includes planning, branding, and investment.

Industrial competitiveness refers to the maturity of local service outsourcing, which includes output, size, and leadership.

CC-CFFM for Call Center Enterprise Evaluation
Operation Annual Business Income
Total Number of Employees
Annual Profit Margin
Number and Scale of Seats
Management Employee Satisfaction
Attrition Rate
Cost Control
Development Growth Rate
Number of Branches
Brand Popularity
Service Level
Core Executive Team
Innovation Innovative Practices
Core Competitences
Project Service Cases
Experience Communication and Coordination with Clients
Client Satisfaction
Client Information Management

3. List of 2011 Best Call Centers Parks and Companies in Service Outsourcing Industry in China

2011 Best Call Centers Parks in Service Outsourcing Industry in China
Location Name of Call Centers Parks
Nanchang Nanchang National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone
Chongqing Yongchuan Service Outsourcing Industrial Park
Weifang Shandong Contact Center(Weifang)Base
Shanghai Shanghai Call Center of the Industrial Base
Hangzhou Hangzhou North Software Park

2011 Best Call Center Companies in Service Outsourcing Industry in China
Location Call Center Players
Beijing Beijing 95teleweb Information Co., Ltd.
Beijing Talent Management Outsourcing
Shanghai SYKES China
Chongqing Chongqing Xiante Outsourcing. Co., Ltd.
Beijing DYXnet