Best Innovation Practices for Science and Technology Service Industry in China

1. About

The evaluation on "Best Innovation Practices of China Service Outsourcing" has been successfully held for 3 years since it was launched in 2011 by Devott Co., Ltd. The objective of the program is to explore the motivation and training methodology of innovation of an internal organization that can provide other companies with references and experience to help enhance the overall Chinese service outsourcing sector. The final lists for each innovation practice are selected through assessing submitted innovative cases and subsequently to be outreached and influenced throughout the entire industry so as to provide other outsourcing companies with experience and references.

After three-year accumulations and with its mature evaluation system, it grasps many attentions from media and attracts many companies to participate. Also, it now exerts more influence on the industry and becomes an authoritative platform to exhibit the innovation practices of outsourcing industry in China. It not only enhances the exposure of innovations of companies but also provides better reference for other outsourcing companies for research and development, thus stimulating the development of innovation in outsourcing industry.

In 2013, science and technology service industry had a great development momentum but faced many challenges like increasing human cost, decreasing profit margin, fluctuating exchange rate, frequent trade protectionism, a low position in the industrial chain as well. In the context of new technologies and great industrial transformation, the service outsourcing industry sees an urgent trend to combine itself with other industries for upgrade and development. The service outsourcing industry has now been the nucleus of science and technology services thanks to integrative development with cloud computing, big data, mobile internet and many other emerging industries.

"Best Innovation Practices of Outsourcing Industry in China" now is rebranded as "Best Innovation Practices for Science and Technology Service Industry in China" in 2014, to better exploit innovative DNA and ability of science and technology service enterprises and to propagate and popularize innovative cases and experience. Targeting the science and technology service industry, this selection attempts to unveil motivations of innovation in companies and how to motivate. The final result as reference will promote the development and upgrade of science and technology service industry in China.

2. List of "2014 Best Innovation Practices of Outsourcing Industry in China"

2014 Year Award of Best Innovation Practices for Science and Technology Service Industry in China

JointForce Platform——ChinaSoft International Limited

2014 Best Innovation Practices for Science and Technology Service Industry in China

Type of Innovation Case

Enterprise Name

Name of Innovation Case

Innovation of Business Mode

Beijing Innovation Software Technology Co., Ltd.

Base of Innovation International Technology Cooperation

Objectiva Software Solutions (Beijing) Limited

Solution Plan of Digital Publishing Platform

Chengdu Virtuos Software Limited

Innovation Mode of Service Outsourcing General Trading Company

Hangzhou Fullspeed Network Technology Limited

"onsite+outsite" Service Mode

Innovation of Business Process

IBM (Dalian) Co., Ltd.

Integration of Software Capacity Maturity Mode (CMMI) Enterprise-level 5-class Identification

Hangzhou Totyu Technology Limited

Totyu Software Service 3S System

Harbin Synjones Co., Ltd.

“Declaration of Instant Messaging” Outsourcing Service

Beijing botairecords Co., Ltd.

Standard System of File Outsourcing Service

Technical Innovation

iSoftStone Co., Ltd.

iSoftStone Smart City's Operation and Control Center

Hitachi Consulting (China) Corporation

B2C E-commerce Technology

Beyondsoft Corporation

Solution Plan of Beyondsoft Technology Internet of Things

Shanghai Wicresoft Co., Ltd.

Private Cloud Management Platform of CloudBox

Nanjing Fujitsu Nanda Software Technology Co., Ltd

ECU Appointed System/ Construction of FNST Private Cloud Testing Environment

Nanjing esushang Co., Ltd.

Operation Mode of “Digital Guidance”

Beijing Novots Technologies Limited

Intellectual IT Service Robot

Shaanxi Join Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

BPO Business Data Processing Cloud Service System

Shenzhen ZhongKeHui Technology Co., Ltd.

Long-distance Timely Detection and Dispatching Platform of Equipment Based on Internet of Things

CIeNET Technologies(Beijing) Co.,Ltd.

Automotive IVI and Telematics Solutions and Services

Suzhou Teamay Network Technology

Data Restoration

Management Innovation

Wipro Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Solution Plan of Knowledge Management

ReSource Pro (RSP) LLC

Enterprise's Innovation Culture from Top to Bottom

Qingdao Centling Technologies Co.,Ltd.

Innovation of Refined Management Mode

Anhui Yang Guang Xin Tong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Creative and Efficient Management Mode

Kingsoft Co., Ltd.

“Weekly Work Report” System

Product/Service Innovation

Innovation of Service Management

DBPO Co., Ltd.

One-stop Financial Service Outsourcing Mode

Sunny Information Technology Service (Beijing),Inc.

Multi Vendor Service

Career International Human Resource Limited

Integration Program of 360°Recruitment Channel

Shanghai Vision-X, Inc.

Customer Service and Marketing Innovation Mode

Beijing CTG BPO Co., Ltd.

Solution Plan of Smart Outsourcing

Beijing Hualu Times Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Management System of souvi Talents

Innovation of Platform Service

Capgemini Consulting (China) Limited

Service Platform of Mobile Cloud

SYKES China Co., Ltd.

Promotion Platform of Weixin Marketing

Anhui Zhicai Foreign Enterprise Management Services Co., LTD.

“Zhicai Social Security System” Online Self Service Insured Project

ec3s Co., Ltd.

Whole Course's E-commerce Service PEC Platform

Innovation of System Solution Plan

Pactera Technology International Ltd.

Solution Plan of Direct Selling Bank

Dalian Hi-Think Computer Technology, Corp.

Software Outsourcing System Migration Service Platform

Chengdu Sofmit Software Limited

DDS Global Scenic Spots' Distribution System

Beijing Centaur Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Cloud Entirety Solution Plan of E-commerce

eSOON China Corporation

Solution Plan of All Media Interaction Center