TOP 20 Service Outsourcing MNCs in China

1. About

The selection on "TOP 20 Service Outsourcing MNCs in China" (MNC TOP 20) has been successfully held for 5 years since it was launched in 2009. As the only ranking specifically designed for MNCs in China, MNC TOP 20, with many-year development and improvement and due to its solid evaluation system, establishes the platform for the connections between MNCs and domestic companies in China. While it promotes domestic companies and attracts MNCs, it stimulates healthy and rapid development of service outsourcing industry.

The researching targets are focused on multinational service outsourcing companies in China with a distinctive objective promoting the most influential MNCs to Chinese market. Meanwhile, the program aims to facilitate Chinese companies a good communication and long cooperation with MNCs to reach a win-win situation by MNCs' capabilities of business expansion and experience.

The TOP 20 multinational companies are appraised in the light of "Five-Force" model including operation, growth, specialty, development and innovation that launched by Devott. The main criteria contains size and speed of enterprise development, core customer's evaluation, operational capabilities, and the degree of perfection of the outsourcing service management system, which reflects a company's comprehensive competitiveness.

2. Evaluation Criteria

In order to scientifically evaluate the comprehensive strength of each company, Devott studies characteristics of outsourcing industry and development paths of companies, invites domestic and overseas outsourcing experts, representative companies and industrially related organizations to discuss the evaluation and finally proposes "Five-Force Model". This model is used to improve the comprehensive strength of companies by evaluating their competitiveness, helping them find their own methods and paths for development, filling up their gaps for better development, and creating new business mode. It analyzes the current and future comprehensive strengths of companies in both dynamic and static state and grades five parameters—operation, growth, expertise, development and innovation.

"Five-Force" Model for Evaluation of Company's Competitiveness

"Five-Force" Model analyzes a company's current and potential integrated competitiveness in five criteria, which are:

Operation Force: the assessment for a company's overall operational capability that including revenue, number of employees, profit margin, per capita income, etc.

Growth Force: an essential index to measure an outsourcing company for emerging market, including income growth rate, personal growth rate, the growth rate of per capita income, etc.

Specialty Force: the assessment to how professional a company survives in its field, including market share, number of accreditation and certificates, number of patent and copy rights, personnel structure, etc.

Development Force: assessment to a corporate's potential, including registered capital, financing, number of branches, number of international talents, major market distribution, business structure, core management team, etc.

Innovation Force: innovation on technology, market, business model, product / service, process, etc.

Service Outsourcing MNCs TOP20 2013 List
Rank                    Company Name               
  • 01
    International Business Machines Global Delivery (Dalian) Co., Ltd
  • 02
    Infosys Technologies (China) Co., Ltd
  • 03
    Fuji Xerox (China) Ltd
  • 04
    Wipro (Shanghai) Ltd
  • 05
  • 06
    Capgemini (China) Co., Ltd
  • 07
    Symbio Systems
  • 08
    Hitachi Consulting (China) Co., Ltd
  • 09
    Landsus Technologies(Shanghai) Co., Ltd
  • 10
    CDP Group Ltd
  • 11
    Bleum Inc
  • 12
    Softtek Information System (Wuxi) Co., Ltd
  • 13
    Tata Consultancy Services (China) Co., Ltd
  • 14
    Sykes China
  • 15
    HCL Technologies (Shanghai) Ltd
  • 16
    NEC Soft (Jinan) Co., Ltd
  • 17
    Vision-X Enterprise Management, Ltd
  • 18
    CIeNET Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd
  • 19
    TMF Group
  • 20
    Stefanini Information Technology (Jilin) Ltd