Top 10 Events & Celebrities of Outsourcing Industry in China

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“Top 10 Events of Outsourcing Industry in China” is one the Top Series Selection jointly launched by Devott and to review industrial and governmental events that have profound influence on the service outsourcing industry. It was first held in 2009 and has been successfully held for 5 consecutive years and all its final lists and whitepapers are widely accepted and well appraised in the industry.

This selection commences in September in and candidate events come from online public votes in a specifically section on Experts from Devott Expert Committee will then evaluate events in December and deliver deep analysis. Results from the committee and public votes contribute to the final list and whitepaper of “ten Events in the Service Outsourcing Industry in China” which will be announced on January 1st of the next year. Insightful analysis on the influences and causes of the ten important events will also by then be available.

“Top 10 Celebrities of Outsourcing Industry in China” is one of the Top Series Selections, aiming to highlight 10 people who have made the greatest contributions to China’s service outsourcing industry. This selection started in 2011 and the candidates should be service outsourcing celebrities enjoying both domestic and international visibility as well as having contributed greatly to the industry or who have great social influence. Public votes generate nominees whom Devott Expert Committee will then evaluate and deeply analyze in December. In the end, nominees who make the greatest contributions to service outsourcing and social development and are most characterized by innovation and enterprise will have their names in the “Top 10 Celebrities in Chinese Outsourcing Industry”.

To embody the professionality and impartiality, the selection takes both expert evaluations and result of public votes into consideration. By virtue of expert team from Devott and with the help of as an authoritative media and an e-platform to strengthen communicating, the final list will be scientific.

2. List of Top 10 Events & Celebrities of Outsourcing Industry in China

2013 Top 10 Events of Outsourcing Industry in China
Promotion of Development in the Service Outsourcing Industry, Guobanhan [2013] No. 33 (Circular 33) was issued by the General Office of the State Council
"Collective Privatization" of Listed Service Outsourcing Enterprises in China
The Establishment of China’s Information Technology Services and Outsourcing Industry Alliance
Governments Comprehensively Advance the Socialization of Resource Allotment in  Service Outsourcing
Monographs on Service Outsourcing Industry Research Come Out in Succession
The Ministry of Commerce Joined Hands with Xi'an, Wuxi and Nanjing to Promote Researches on Improving Economic and Social Benefits of Service Outsourcing
China Service Outsourcing Talent Cornerstone Project Launched
"The Wolf is Coming": Amazon's Cloud Computing-Amazon Web Services(AWS) Comes to China
Devaluation of Japanese Yen has a Violent Impact on China's Service Outsourcing Businesses with Japan
Shanghai Service Outsourcing Online Transaction Platform was Launched
2013 Top 10 Celebrities of Outsourcing Industry in China
Chen Shuning, President of Pactera
Liu Tianwen, Chairman & CEO of iSoftStone
Jin Shihe, Vice Director & Chief Service Outsourcing Expert of Expert Committee of China Association of Trade in Services/ Advisor of COI/Executive Consultant of China (Shanghai) Outsourcing Promotion Center
Zhong Mingbo, CEO of  Technology Co.,Ltd., President of Outsouring Service Group(OSG)
Lu Bing, CEO of Hitachi China
Wang Bin, Chairman & CEO of BeyondSoft
Wang Yang, Vice President of BM Global and General Manager of BM China
Development Lab
Huang Bo,Asia-Pacific President of Symbio
ZhenMing Tang, Ph.D, Executive Director & Senior Vice President of ChinaSoft International
Rui Wang, Director of National Human Resources Institute for Service Outsourcing