TOP 50 Outsourcing Companies in China

1. About

The selection on "TOP 50 Outsourcing Companies in China" (TOP 50) is the most influential and creditable researching program on Chinese service outsourcing industry raised by Devott Co., Ltd.

The program has been successfully held for 7 years by 2014. TOPs program has set up an outstanding creditability and influence and become the benchmark of the industry. The name list of TOP 50 not only demonstrates the integrated strengthens of leading Chinese outsourcing companies, but also become the essential references for national policy making that are regarded as an important path for industrial transforming and upgrading.

"TOP 50" selective program is in accordance with "Five-Force" model as the criterion in order to help companies to seek out solution to make up the deficiencies and improve competitiveness. The company's five forces including operation, growth, specialty, development and innovation will be finally assessed and rated based on an integrated analysis on a company's current and future anticipated competitiveness.

TOP 50 is launched every year and the final list is unveiled in the Annual Devott Global IT & Sourcing Leadership Summit in March of the consequent year.

2. Evaluation Criteria

In 2010, Devott created "Five-Force Model", which was designed for evaluation of outsourcing companies, for "TOP 50 Service Outsourcing Companies in China". "Five-Force Model" consists of five parameters—operation, growth, expertise, development and innovation. The major criteria include scale and growth rate of the company, major customers' reviews, depth and width of management, outsourcing management system etc. From past experience, it brought big success to the evaluation and ranking and got highly recognized by industrial experts. This model will be used in the next year for TOP 50.


"Five-Force" Model for Evaluation of Company's Competitiveness

"Five-Force" Model analyzes a company's current and potential integrated competitiveness in five criteria, which are:

Operation Force: the assessment for a company's overall operational capability that including revenue, number of employees, profit margin, per capita income, etc.

Growth Force: an essential index to measure an outsourcing company for emerging market, including income growth rate, personal growth rate, the growth rate of per capita income, etc.

Specialty Force: the assessment to how professional a company survives in its field, including market share, number of accreditation and certificates, number of patent and copy rights, personnel structure, etc.

Development Force: assessment to a corporate's potential, including registered capital, financing, number of branches, number of international talents, major market distribution, business structure, core management team, etc.

Innovation Force: innovation on technology, market, business model, product / service, process, etc.

Comprehensive Competiveness Assessment for Outsourcing Companies—"Five-Force Model"
Operation Income from service outsourcing in 2014
Number of Employees of service outsourcing in 2014
Average income of service outsourcing in 2014
Growth Income growth rate of service outsourcing in 2014
Employee growth rate of service outsourcing in 2014
Growth rate of profit margin of service outsourcing in 2014
Expertise Market share of primary business on segments, industry
influence, industry position
Level and amount of international and domestic certificates
Amount of patents, products, and copyrights
Professionalism, degree and expertise structure of employees
Amount and percentage of experts
Development Registered capital of companies
Financing of companies
Amount of oversea and domestic branches
Amount of international professionals and growth of size
Business structure and core management team
Innovation Procedure innovation
Technology innovation
Service innovation
Business mode innovation
Management innovation
Best practical case of projects
TOP 50 Outsourcing Companies in China 2013
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